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Killer Tone banjo set up (DVD)
Steve Huber's Killer Tone Banjo Set Up - DVD   $30

Renowned banjo builder Steve Huber takes you through the important variables in banjo set up in this step by step video presentation. Learn how to get that Killer Tone from your banjo! After describing and demonstrating how adjusting head tension, tailpece angle and height, and coordinator rod settings can affect the tone, Steve shows you how to change the tone ring in your banjo and covers adjusting right hand technique for optimum tone. 80 minute DVD. The DVD also includes as a bonus, the 20 minute Huber Banjos video catalog - a $5 value.

Jim VanCleve fiddle DVD
Jim Van Cleve - Become A More Complete Fiddler 2 DVD set $50

This 2-DVD set contains over 4 hours of demonstration and instruction from Jim VanCleve, fiddler with Mountain Heart. Jim teaches four songs he has recorded and spends a great deal of time showing tips for improvising and creating solos in a bluegrass style.

Sierra Hull mandolin DVD
Sierra Hull - Secrets Songs & Tunes 2 DVD set $50

Four hours with this startling young virtuoso on 2 DVDs. Learn 7 songs from her debut CD, Secrets, plus 2 she recorded as a pre-teen. All songs are taught slowly enough for any picker to learn even the more difficult ones. Includes tab/standard booklet.

Barry Bales bass DVD
Barry Bales - A Solid Foundation To Acoustic Bass $35

The Grammy award-einning bassist demonstrates the style and technique he employs with Alison Krauss & Union Station. In this two hour and 20 minute DVD, Barry shares his thoughts on the appropriate role of the bass, and demonstrates many of the techniques that have made him a first call musician in both bluegrass and country music.

Ron Block guitar DVD
Ron Block - From Bluegrass To AKUS Guitar  2 DVD set  $50

Longtime guitarist with Alison Krauss & Union Station, Ron Block covers his approach to rhythm, flatpicking, finger picking and soloing in this 2-DVD set. The 3.5 hour program is available on disc or via download, with a PDF booklet on the disc.

Ron Stewart Fiddle DVD
Ron Stewart - Playing Fiddle in the Bluegrass Style   DVD  $35

Ron Stewart is one of the most sought after fiddlers in bluegrass music. On this 90 minute DVD release, Ron discusses his approach to playing bluegrass fiddle, and teaches a number of breaks he takes on recordings, as well as several of his own tunes.

Ron Block banjo DVD
Ron Block - A Fresh Look At Bluegrass Banjo 2 DVD set $50

This 2-DVD set contains 3 hours and 40 minutes of Ron explaining the concepts and techniques which make up his banjo style, carefully explained and demonstrated. The stylistic elements are reinforced in both discussion and demonstration, and the 7 songs and solos Ron teaches in great detail. Includes tab booklet.

Banjo Backup - Down The Neck (DVD)
First Position Backup For Bluegrass Banjo - DVD
Power Pickin' Volume 2  $35

Featuring John Lawless: Starting with the most basic, first look at following a simple chord progression, AcuTab's John Lawless takes you through a detailed discussion and analysis of down the neck backup that encompasses most of the elements that define the bluegrass banjo style. The presentation also covers banjo/fiddle duets and backing up a vocalist. A tab booklet is included.

Jim Mills Banjo DVD
Jim Mills - A Winning Banjo Style   DVD  $35

Learn 12 great tunes as recorded by Jim Mills, a four time winner of the prestigious IBMA Banjo Player Of The Year Award. The tunes are selected from Jim's two solo projects as well as recordings he made with Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder. The tunes include some basic ones that a relative beginner could hope to master as well as a few that will challenge experienced pickers.

Banjo Backup - Up The Neck (DVD)
Up The Neck Backup For Bluegrass Banjo - DVD
Power Pickin' Volume 1  $35

Featuring Bill Evans: A visual method for learning the basic techniques used to play bluegrass banjo accompaniment in up the neck positions. The material is presented in a step-by-step approach appropriate for all levels of pickers, and a tab booklet is included. Great for pickers at any skill level! 2 hour DVD.

Herschel Sizemore - In His Own Style (DVD)
Herschel Sizemore - In His Own Style - DVD $35

Learn at the feet of a bluegrass legend! Bluegrass mandolin pioneer Herschel Sizemore demonstrates his unique style on 11 great mandolin tunes - five familiar fiddle tunes and 6 Sizemore originals. Alan Bibey is also featured, leading Herschel through a discussion and demonstration of the tunes and techniques. Tab/notation booklet included. 2 hour DVD.

Kenny Smith Guitar DVD
Kenny Smith - Tunes & Techniques DVD   $60

Three hours of wisdom and experience from one of bluegrass guitar's most celebrated practitioners - plus 7 great flatpicking tunes - in this 2-DVD set from AcuTab Video. Inlcudes 45 minutes on bluegrass rhythm alone, with tab booklet. Many pickers have described working with this dual disk set as being like having several private lessons with Kenny.

Alan Bibey mandolin DVD
Alan Bibey - Master Mandolinist   DVD  $35

This 2 hour DVD video offers a detailed look at one of the most celebrated mandolinists of our time. Alan covers a number of important techniques and teaches a number of songs which he has recorded: Wild Fiddler's Rag, Evening Prayer Blues, Thanks A Lot, more. Includes tab/standard booklet.

Sammy Shelor banjo DVD
Sammy Shelor - A Demonstration and Analysis of an Award-Winning Style DVD   $30

This DVD offers a super glimpse into the style of one of bluegrass music's most highly-regarded pickers. Sammy spends time talking about creating solos, playing backup and getting the best sound out of your banjo. He also teaches a number of songs in a split screen format. Tab booklet included. Ernest T. Grass, Daddy's Dream, When You Go Walking After Midnight. The DVD also contains as a bonus, the 20 minute Huber banjos video catalog.

Ron Stewart Banjo DVD
Ron Stewart - A Bluegrass Banjo Professional   DVD  $35

Ron Stewart has emerged in recent years as one of the most admired and influential banjos players in bluegrass music. His style is on display in this banjo DVD, where Ron discusses his thoughts on many aspects of professional-level banjo playing - like finding and playing the melody on a vocal tune and positioning/adapting the right hand for the best tone.

Adam Steffey mandolin DVD
Adam Steffey - My Approach To Bluegrass Mandolin  2 DVD set  $50

This 2-DVD set contains 4 hours and 20 minutes of tips, tunes and techniques for serious mandolinists. Disc 1 covers Adam's take on important techniques, and how he builds solos based on the melody. Disc 2 has him teaching 7 of his most requested solos. Includes tab/standard booklet.