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Kenny Smith Guitar DVD
Kenny Smith - Tunes & Techniques DVD   $60

Three hours of wisdom and experience from one of bluegrass guitar's most celebrated practitioners - plus 7 great flatpicking tunes - in this 2-DVD set from AcuTab Video. Inlcudes 45 minutes on bluegrass rhythm alone, with tab booklet. Many pickers have described working with this dual disk set as being like having several private lessons with Kenny.

Ron Block guitar DVD
Ron Block - From Bluegrass To AKUS Guitar  2 DVD set  $50

Longtime guitarist with Alison Krauss & Union Station, Ron Block covers his approach to rhythm, flatpicking, finger picking and soloing in this 2-DVD set. The 3.5 hour program is available on disc or via download, with a PDF booklet on the disc.

Bluegrass Jamming Essentials
Bluegrass Jamming Essentials - Play With The Pros  $35

Learn the basics of bluegrass jamming for all instruments, and pick up tips and tricks valuable at any skill level. Featuring Bill Evans, Megan Lynch, Adam Steffey, Tim Stafford, David Thomas. Covers important topics like the basic roles of the bass, mandolin, guitar, banjo and fiddle in the band setting, and address such crucial topics as tuning, choosing keys and tempos, proper capo use and more. Other concepts covered include backup and fills, soloing, playing with drive, a variety of song formats, and communication within a band while playing. 2.5 Hour DVD with booklet

Get To Know Your Acoustic Guitar
Get To Know Your Acoustic Guitar DVD $35

Master Luthier Marty Lanham provides a DVD owner's manual for every acoustic guitarist. He describes and demonstrates how the steel string, flattop guitar generates tone and covers a number of care and repair issues. A must for anyone who cares about their guitar.