The first part of the video is done in an interview format. AcuTab's John Lawless leads Terry through a discussion of his background and early banjo picking days. That is followed by a detailed overview of Terry's approach to the right hand which includes picks, pick maintenance, hand position and a very thorough look at how Terry actually strikes the strings.
A number of close ups and camera angles are used to help either a novice player or a serious student see exactly what happens when Terry is picking. He also shows how he gets that great big pull off sound while demonstrating some of his signature pull off licks.
A portion of the video is dedicated to playing backup in a bluegrass band. Terry discusses and demonstrates how to play in a simple roll style in the first position, how he plays a "chop" backup behind a mandolin and how he plays out of closed chord positions up the neck. Examples are shown and presented in the tab booklet.
Tunes taught include: Knee Deep In Bluegrass, John Henry, Nine Pound Hammer, Poor Ellen Smith, Roving Gambler, Lower On The Hog, One Way Track and Farewell Blues. Using the split screen demonstration and the accompanying tab booklet, most any banjo picker can learn some of Terry's music. At least half of the songs will be within the reach of most beginners.