David Crisler - An Introduction to Jazz Improvisation
for the 5 String Banjo, Vol. I (book & audio CD)
David Crisler has put together an extremely useful instruction manual for pickers who want to explore jazz structure and harmony on the 5-string banjo. The 54 page book starts with an in-depth discussion and presentation of the major scales, including many useful practice patterns. This progresses to a study of the 4-note chords derived from these scales, with many inversions presented along with more patterns.
We finish up with a look at modes and the famous II-V chord progression. David then pulls it all together in a romp through the swing classic, "All Of Me," in which we look first at the chords and then at how to build a jazz solo from the scales which correspond to each chord. Finally, he presents his own solo for you to learn/study.
All of the scales, exercises, tunes, and licks are presented in tablature and a companion audio CD is included. This is a terrific book, the first in what will be a series of invaluable aids as non-bluegrass style banjo wins more and more practitioners. We can't guarantee that it will turn you into the next Bela Fleck, but we can promise that this book will open your eyes (and your ears!) to the possibility of playing serious jazz on the banjo.
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