David Crisler - Banjo Chromaticism
Vol.2 Of An Introduction To Jazz Improvisation For The 5-String Banjo
(book & audio CD)
The second volume of David's fine series of jazz banjo tutorials, Banjo Chromaticism , is surely among the most ground breaking instruction books for the 5-string banjo to be released in quite some time. Here, David explains and illustrates in detail the mystery behind the use of chromaticism in Bebop music, and how to apply it to the banjo. Using clear, easy to read tablature, banjo pickers learn how to easily adapt chromatic principles to major, minor, and dominant scales. All the pertinent examples are also played on the accompanying cassette tape - an invaluable aid to the learning process.
After presenting these chromatic Bebop principles, David then applys them to 3 different versions each of a "Jazz Blues in G" and the old Jazz standard, "All of Me." These are recorded on the accompanying audio CD at both slow and fast tempos. The banjo lead and guitar accompaniment are recorded on separate tracks, allowing you to adjust your stereo balance so that you only hear guitar and can practice the solos yourself with accompaniment.
This 60 page book makes an important contribution to the ongoing development of the 5-string banjo. For players wishing to learn Progressive Bluegrass, Jazz, Swing, Dawg, or even Rock, Banjo Chromaticism is the missing link in progressing from just playing scales to playing hot sounding lines that really swing . Join the jazz banjo revolution today and get this book!
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