Steve Dilling -AcuTab Transcriptions Vol. I
Few bluegrass bands have made such a powerful impact on our music this past few years as IIIrd Tyme Out, and banjo picker Steve Dilling is a big part of the reason why. His clear, straightforward style always features the recognizable melody of the song and his tasty licks and fills keep the music driving right along.
This new book features all the banjo breaks and many prominent backups from all four IIIrd Tyme Out CDs on which Steve has appeared: Letter To Home, Living On The Other Side, Live At The MAC and John & Mary . Perhaps more so than with previous AcuTab books, this one contains music that will be of great benefit to novice and intermediate players. Few of the tabs will present much technical difficulty to less experienced players and, coupled with the text notes and the left/right hand fingering indications, these breaks should be accessible to all but the rankest of beginners. The text notes also break down the more prominent elements of Steve’s style and will be a big help as you learn to assemble your own solos and play effective backup.
Together with the four IIIrd Tyme Out CDs ( also available from AcuTab ), Steve’s book is like a master class for bluegrass banjo players. Less skilled players can get their fingers (and ears!) around some great examples of contemporary bluegrass banjo while more experienced pickers analyze the subtleties that set Steve’s playing apart—and make IIIrd Tyme Out such a dominant force in bluegrass music. It’s like a text book for today’s style of traditional bluegrass banjo.
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This book is no longer available.
Note: We have stopped supplying the CDs but these recordings are still in print and available as downloads on iTunes
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