Bill Evans - Power Pickin' Vol. I
Up The Neck Backup For Bluegrass Banjo
featuring Bill Evans 2 Hour DVD w/tab booklet
A visual method for learning the basic techniques used to play bluegrass banjo accompaniment in up the neck positions. The material is presented in a step-by-step approach appropriate for all levels of pickers, and a tab booklet is included. Great for pickers at any skill level!
In this Power Pickin’ video from AcuTab, Bill Evans takes you through a careful description and demonstration of many important backup techniques that you can incorporate into your picking right away. Each new technique is explained in detail, using a variety of camera angles and split screen formats to show you exactly how it’s done.
Topics covered include:
• vamping --with variations
• roll patterns based on chord forms
• 2 finger backup for slower songs
• 3/4 time backup
• classic backup licks
• bluesy backup styles
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$35.00 USD
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Important Note! The titles of our two Power Pickin' backup DVDs have led to some confusion. This edition, Power Pickin' Volume 1, is designed for players with a greater degree of facility with the banjo, while Power Pickin' Volume 2 is designed for players new to playing backup, as it teaches backup in the first position. If you are new to backup, starting with Volume 2 is the best bet. We regret the understandable confusion where you might expect Volume 2 to follow Volume 1 in difficuty.