Bill Evans - Power Pickin' Vol. 3
Playing Banjo Backup In A Bluegrass Band
featuring Bill Evans    2 Hour DVD/tab booklet
The first two releases in our Power Pickin’ series presented basic concepts for playing banjo backup in a bluegrass style, both in the first position and up the neck. In this third volume, Bill Evans combines these and other backup techniques in a powerful demonstration that teaches how to build an effective acompaniment designed to fit whatever type of bluegrass song you need to backup.
What makes this presentation so useful is that a variety of styles are shown, both by Bill alone, slowed down and broken into its elements, and with an actual bluegrass band in real time. All of the banjo breaks and many backup examples are included in the accompanying tab booklet.
Tunes/styles covered include:
  • Long Journey Home - standard bluegrass in G
  • Dark Hollow - standard bluegrass in C
  • Man Of Constant Sorrow - modal/bluesy bluegrass
  • Bury Me Beneath The Willow - slower bluegrass
  • All The Good Times - 3/4 time
  • Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down - cycle of 4ths tune
  • Blackberry Blossom - fiddle tune in G
  • Soldiers Joy - fiddle tune in D
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