Rob Ickes - AcuTab Transcriptions Vol. I
Our first dobro book - and we are delighted that it features the playing of Blue Highway's Rob Ickes. Described by many as today's leading bluegrass dobroist, Rob's style is full of melodic and rhythmic interest.
Included in this 56 page book are more than 50 solos in tablature for 33 tunes taken from the first three Blue Highway recordings, It's A Long, Long Road, Wind To The West and Midnight Storm. Many of the solos will be within the reach of inexperienced players while a few will challenge even the most skilled, long-term students of the instrument.
An important part of Rob's unique style - and a weak spot in most dobro players' technique - is his insistence on playing in the open position, without a capo. Even in daunting keys like B and F#, Rob finds the melody and appropriate fills. Learning how to utilize the positions and open strings in a variety of keys will open up a lot of new possibilities while you also pick up some great tunes and new licks. Together with the three Blue Highway CDs (also available from AcuTab ), Rob's book offers a blueprint for tasteful and effective dobro playing in the bluegrass style.
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Our second volume of Ickes dobro tabs - for his great new Big Time CD!
Note: We have stopped supplying the CD's but they are still in print and available as downloads.