Get To Know Your Acoustic Guitar - with Marty Lanham
Noted guitar builder and repair specialist Marty Lanham of The Nashville Guitar Company gives an inside look at the flattop, steel string guitar. Learn how the guitar creates its sound, and what each component contributes to the tone - plus what you need to know about common repair and maintenance of your guitar. 2 hour DVD.
Millions of people own acoustic guitars, but not many know much about how they generate tone, how they are built and maintained, or how they can be adjusted to improve tone, responsiveness or playability. Many guitarists have questions about proper care - or whether and when their instrument needs a visit to the repair shop - but don’t have access to skilled luthiers to ask such questions.
Marty Lanham is Nashville’s “go to guy” when delicate repair or restoration is needed on fine acoustic guitars. Prominent guitarists in country and bluegrass music rely on Marty for regular maintenance, and many use his handmade guitars on stage and in the studio. On this DVD, Marty shares his many years of experience as a luthier to help you get to know, and understand the acoustic guitar.
Topics covered on Get To Know Your Acoustic Guitar
  • component overview
  • bridge pulling up
  • loose bracing
  • bridge plate wear
  • action and saddle height
  • temperature and humidity
  • truss rod adjustments
  • cracks
  • restringing
  • intonation
  • finish care
  • choosing a used guitar
  • neck problems
  • tuning machines
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$35.00 USD