Learn To Play Bluegrass Banjo - Beginner Banjo DVDs
3 DVD banjo lessons
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Who better than John Lawless and AcuTab - recognized leaders in banjo instruction - to create a comprehensive set of beginner banjo lessons on DVD!
The first 3 lessons in this series are designed to take the absolute beginner from those most frustrating early days with the new instrument to a point where you can play recognizable bluegrass music on your banjo.
Lesson 1 is designed for someone sitting down with a banjo for the first time, and explains how to tune and hold your banjo, and will teach you a few simple chords and melodies. You'll be playing music right away!

Lesson 2 explains and demonstrates the basic right hand patterns, called rolls, and adds them to the simple melodies taught in Lesson 1.

Lesson 3 teaches some slightly more advanced left hand techniques, and adds them into the songs as well.
These three DVDs will get you started right away, and without an expectation that you already understand a good deal about music, banjo or bluegrass music.
$30 each
or all 3 for $75!
Each lesson is between 60-90 minutes in length, and each also contains "bonus footage" that explains how to read tablature (banjo tab) and how to change strings.
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