Learn To Play Bluegrass Banjo
Lesson 2 - Let's Get Rolling
taught by John Lawless
90 minute DVD + tab booklet
Follows up on the basics presented in Lesson 1. Start learning the picking patterns that form the basis of bluegrass style banjo.
  • Learn the four basic right hand roll types
  • Learn valuable drills for memorizing the rolls and building good right hand technique
  • Learn how to use a metronome to practice playing in perfect time
  • Learn how to add these roll patterns to the simple melodies we learned in Lesson 1
  • Also includes the tab reading and string changing chapters contained in Lesson 1
AcuTab has long been widely regarded as the leader in instructional offerings for intermediate and advanced banjo players. Our popular print and DVD offerings highlight the style and approach of top professional players, and our Power Pickin’ series on Banjo Backup has helped many pickers become more proficient in this important area. Now, with the introduction of our Learn To Play Bluegrass Banjo series, new pickers can also benefit from the experience and expertise of AcuTab, and celebrated banjo instructor, John Lawless.
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