Joe Mullins - AcuTab Transcriptions Vol. I
Here, you can learn from one of the best 'modern' practitioners of 'true' traditional banjo playing. Joe's style draws heavily on Reno and Osborne, as well as Scruggs. The book contains all of the banjo breaks - and eight backups - from the last two recordings by The Traditional Grass, "10th Anniversary Collection" and "Songs Of Love And Life." Though this terrific band is no more, Joe's tasty banjo work is preserved in this collection of solos and backup work.
A lot of the material in this book can be put to good use in other situations. How's your soloing in open F or D? How about backup in 3/4 time? Joe excels at these and many other aspects of banjo picking that are often overlooked by even the most serious students of the 5 string.
The book also includes a detailed study of Joe's bluesy banjo style focusing on his playing on Six White Horses. It was written by Bill Evans, former Assistant Director of the International Bluegrass Music Museum, and an established banjo picker and instructor in his own right.
Joe's superb banjo can now be heard on the new Longview recordings, and at their rare live appearances. He is also a featured artist on AcuTab's Knee Deep In Bluegrass CD, and the Knee Deep In Banjo tab book.

23 songs - 35 solos/8 backups; 45 pages

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