Tim Stafford -AcuTab Transcriptions Vol. I
AcuTab is delighted to offer this set of guitar transcriptions for Tim Stafford. The book includes all of Tim's solos from Alison Krauss & Union Station's Grammy winning Every Time You Say Goodbye and his first three projects with Blue Highway, It's A Long, Long Road, Wind To The West and Midnight Storm - plus a bonus section of assorted tunes from other projects.
Tim's style incorporates a number of elements that will be of interest to flatpickers at any level. Beginners and intermediate players will enjoy learning some of the less difficult pieces they have heard on the CDs. More experienced guitarists especially will benefit from a study of Tim's instrumentals and his great crosspicking.
Tab and standard notation are provided for 23 songs including Rebecca, Reuben, I Don't Know Why, Horseshoe Bend, Canadian Bacon, Pikeville Flood and many more. Helpful left hand fingerings and pick direction markings are provided on tricky passages.

23 songs, 29 solos
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We no longer carry this book. Please contact Tim for a copy.
Note: We no longer carry these CD's but they are still in print and available as downloads.