Pete Wernick -AcuTab Transcriptions Vol. I
Pete Wernick AcuTab transcriptions, Vol I contains tabs for the banjo solos from Pete's recent recording, On A Roll, plus a bonus section of four Hot Rize tunes. Perhaps more so than any of our other books, this one promises to be especially useful to less experienced banjo pickers or folks who have trouble with the extreme stretches and tricky moves found in so much advanced banjo material. Pete has devised a very unique style which utilizes fairly common left and right hand patterns and positions in ways that are unexpected. The result is often music that sounds far more difficult than it actually is. If you are interested in exploring different sounds on your banjo - like 'new acoustic,' blues, swing - this book can show you new ways to use the rolls and chord forms you already know.
Of course, more experienced players can profit from a study of Pete's music as well. Several pieces included in the book will challenge the best of us and his frequent workouts in D and in non-standard tunings will prove helpful to banjo pickers at any level.
But don't get the impression that Pete has ignored bluegrass banjo picking! Check the song list below and you will find some classics as well in this 66 page book
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We no longer carry this book.
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Note: We no longer supply the CD's for this book. On A Roll is still in print. Various Hot Rize recordings are available as downloads through iTunes.