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Here are some of our newest and most popular instructional titles, sure to be a welcome gift for any picker or student of bluegrass banjo, fiddle, mandolin or resonator guitar.
Banjo gift ideas

Bluegrass Banjo Master Class DVD

Our latest banjo DVD, chock full of helpful tips for banjo pickers at any skill or experience level.
Jim Mills banjo DVD

Our best-selling instructional DVD - and no surprise given the high regard in which Jim is held by banjo pickers.

Steve Huber banjo set up DVD

Every banjo player wants to get the best sound from their instrument, and Steve Huber's Killer Tone DVD shows you how.
Easy banjo backup DVD

If you know a few tunes but have no idea how to play along with others, this DVD is for you. Also good for improving basic backup.

Learn To Play Bluegrass Banjo DVDs

This series of 3 DVD lessons is the perfect way to get started with the five string banjo. The material is covered in great depth.
Up The Neck backup DVDs

Learn the basic types and approaches to playing Scruggs-style bluegrass banjo backup in the higher parts of the neck.

Dobro gift ideas

Rob Ickes dobro transcriptions

Tabs for Rob's slos from three Blue Highway CDs in a variety of keys and styles. Plenty to teach and challenge a serious player.
Rob Ickes Big Time transcriptions

Here are the tabs for all of Rob's solos from his latest solo CD, Big Time. A great workout on primarily instrumental amterial.

Fiddle gift idea

Mandolin gift idea

Ron Stewart fiddle DVD

Master fiddler Ron Stewart discusses and describes how he approaches the fiddle, and teaches a number of tunes he has recorded.
Adam Steffey mandolin DVD

This one will be a valuable asset to anyone playing - or learning to play - the mandolin. Adam covers a lot of ground in these two DVDs.
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