Gift certificates now available! The eaisiest way to give a musical gift your favorite bluegrasser will cherish.
Instant Bluegrass is a new and exciting way to deliver the AcuTab library of bluegrass instructional DVDs to you quickly, safely and inexpensively - including the accompanying music/TAB booklet - using a new media system called the MOD Machine.

MOD Machine allows you to download our videos to your computer, where you can watch them anytime - online or not. The software is a quick, free download and once you have it installed you can watch video previews of all our DVD titles, and order them for download from within the Instant Bluegrass software.

The MOD Machine uses a unique video transfer system that allows you to begin watching even our longest running videos within minutes of starting your download. All the common DVD functions are available (chapter select, pause, etc), including AcuTab's multiple angles for split-screen presentations.

Plus, you can take advantage of advanced tools like looping and slow-down to more carefully study difficult sections, or to play along with the lessons.

The free software downloads quickly and is available for both Windows and Mac.

There is tech support available online directly from the developers should you experience any difficulties using your Instant Bluegrass application.

Save on shipping and sales taxes - and start watching and studying with top bluegrass artists right away!

Find all the details and download the Instant Bluegrass software here.