Announcement: 9/1/05 (updated 7/31/07)

As of September 1, 2005, AcuTab will no longer function as the marketing and promotional arm of Huber Banjos, nor the sole source for ordering and customer service. This exclusive relationship which has existed since Huber Banjos launched in 2001 has served both companies well, but changes in future plans for both AcuTab and Huber have suggested the need for Huber to bring all marketing and promotional efforts in house.

No ill will or bad blood exists between the two companies, and we remain strong supporters of Huber banjos, Steve Huber personally, and his efforts as a performer.

As of 8/1/07, AcuTab will no longer carry Huber Banjo accessories.

New banjo or tone ring orders should go directly through Huber. Huber Banjos customer service can be reached at 615-264-4959.

See the full line of Huber Banjos and accessories online.