AcuTab Email List

Our AcuTab email list has been operating for over six years and we are delighted to note that several thousand banjo pickers from all over the world have subscribed during that time! For those who are not familiar with the concept, the list is an email-only method of communicating with others who have similar interests - in this case, banjo pickers. By 'subscribing' to the AcuTab list, you will automatically receive copies of all email posted to the list, copies of all responses posted to those messages, and copies of responses to the responses... You can just read the messages for the information (and gossip) contained therein, or post messages/queries of your own.

There is no charge for this service outside of whatever you pay to send/receive email. The list is designed to facilitate discussions of interest to folks who play - or are learning to play - the 5 string banjo. Common topics of discussion include techinal issues relating to learning and playing, questions about banjo set up and reair, heated discussions about which banjo or banjo picker is the best, as well as news and gossip of general interest to the banjo playing community.

While posts are not limited to any particular style of music, most of the messages tend to deal with five string banjo played in a three finger style. We do have some old time (clawhammer) players and a fairly good number of folks whose interests are in jazz or classical banjo but the bulk are referenced to bluegrass music. Subscribers are also welcome to post instruments for sale.

Come on in... and post at will!

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